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Manufacturing Manager

We were looking for a personnel agency to keep up with a growing demand for our products that could provide assembly operators quickly and Kinetic

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Vaishali Jain

I worked with KPG and it was a great experience! They kept me posted with all the updates and always were in close communication with

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katrina C.

KPG helped me get into the current position I’m in today. It was the perfect match with the position and company. I recently got promoted

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Brian Lutzker

KPG deserves five stars! They really helped me out in finding a job that fits my background. I appreciate all the help and for not

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Himanshu Shah

Great working with KPG. They connected me with opportunities that aligned perfectly with my skillset and found me a great new job!

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Alejandro S.

Excellent agency! Found me a perfect fit position from one day to the next. They are very professional and work with great clients. I highly

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